A better way to organize your work

Keep track of a project's lifetime and share information with your team. Know which models were called for a casting or didn't show up, and follow up with those that were selected for a job.

Send packages to your clients

Find the perfect model for the job

With Guava's search engine you can mix and match models' attributes, age or department.

You will find the models that are the best fit for a job in no time.

Advanced model search

Invoice your clients

Issue invoices and register payments made by your clients.

If you already have an invoicing software you can integrate it with Guava.

Issue invoices to your clients

Know your talents' availability

With a detailed view over your talents' schedule, the task of booking appointments, vacations and periods of unavailability becomes easy and painless.

Agency wide calendar

Send packages with information about your talents

Forget the heavy and time-consuming emails you used to send your clients. Easily attach pictures, videos, audio files and budgets to your packages and make them available online for your clients to access.

Send packages to your clients

Keep your talents updated and informed

Send emails with attachments and text messages to your talents. Let them know of new castings and notify them when they are selected for a job.

Book events without having to check the calendar

When choosing models for a casting or direct booking, Guava will automatically let you know if there are conflicts with other scheduled jobs or appointments.

Synchronize your website with Guava

You can get photos, videos and attributes from the models in your Guava account and feed them directly into your agency's website. Keep Guava updated and your website will follow.

Work with the latest version of Guava

All updates and improvements are completely free and applied automatically. Therefore, you are always working with the latest and best version of Guava.

Choose the language you want to work with

In Guava, every user can choose the language she wants to work with. Currently you can pick one from: English, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian.

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